Florian Eichinger

With his earnings he financed his feature film debut Bergfest, that he also wrote the screenplay for. His second feature film Nordstrand is scheduled to be shot in summer 2012.

More than money - how crowd funding forces film makers to define their market and target audience - moderated by Dr. Henrik Armah

Everybody is talking about the money that can be raised through crowd funding. We believe a well planned crowd funding campaign forces the film maker to clearly think about his market and target audience - which is the biggest guarantee for a profitable distribution.

Dr. Henrik Armah is a Senior Associate in the Media team of OLSWANG and specialises in advising clients from the media, entertainment and technology industries.

Janine Scharf

The >VisionBakery< is a possability to support creative ideas and ambitious projects fiancially. It is driven by the idea "all or nothing". So projects are either fully funded or the supporter can be sure to get all of its money back. It is a crowdfunding platform based in Germany. Users can submit their projects which range in various
fields such as music, social projects, events, journalism, film and video, arts, photography and others.

Thomas Steiger

He has been writing about the film and television industry for more than 15 years for trade papers like Blickpunkt:Film, Medien Bulletin or Professional Production. During this time he got an elaborate insight how the industry is constantly struggling to find new ways to finance its products. Currently he mainly works as online and social media editor and tries to make his way as a screenwriter.


Following-up the digitalfilmcamp, we will continue to monitor these projects and report in close collaboration with the actors on its websites. The digitalfilmcamp-team is looking forward to the reporting of the involved filmmakers at the 8th digitalfilmcamp that will certainly take place in June 2012.

Crowdfunding, Crowdinvestment (written by Thomas Steiger)

How realistic is it actually to finance a film or internet project with the support of the future audience?

Von Fiessbach Film & Teamworx got 170.000 Euro as support for the 38-minutes
Film" "Hotel Desire" by Sergej Moya just within a couple of weeks and Brainpool TV managed to collect 1 Million Euro in record time for the movie „Stromberg – Der Film“, even without an exposé.

Attention: Changes in program schedule!

Due to some organizational issues, we had to change our program schedule
and reschedule several of our planned slots. So everyone, please check if your favourite panel topic is still one the same day and time. Also for the ones who are looking forward to hear more about Crowdfunding platforms with David P. Heberling, Janine Scharf and Konrad Lauten, this panel is now taking place on Wednesday, February 15th at 1:30 pm.

Claudia Rorarius - Chi l'ha visto

Chi l'ha visto is Claudia Rorarius first feature-length film, her completely successful feature film debut she also supervised as a producer. The movie was supported by the FFA German Federal Film Board as well as the Filmstiftung NRW.

2nd Day - Choaching Session

After the keynote by Ian Davies on the 2nd day of the 7th digitalfilmcamp, we look forward to the
presentation of film projects, which will be sponsored through crowdfunding for the first time.

Mark Dare Schmiedel & Jazzanova – like a band

After his time in New York, Mark D. Schmiedel returned to Germany and started to work as an independent media advisor. As a result, he developed customer relationship management (CRM) systems and marketing communication for clients and then started to produce and sell own crossmedia-formats with his company Dreamwalker GmbH, which always put the artists and their products in the centre of attention.